Elizabeth has a number of own compositions and arrangements for piano players of various levels.
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The English Garden Collection

Intermediate level (UK Grade 4/5)

Ten beautiful lyrical and showcase solos.
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  • Icicles
  • Dancing Daisies
  • Bluebells
  • Morning Mist
  • Summer Rain
  • Rainbows
  • Dappled Shade
  • English Rose
  • Autumn Breeze
  • Snow Flurries
Snow Flurries
The piece begins imagining delicate footsteps in the snow. A high register syncopated melody gives a suggestion of a few snowflakes gently falling.
The middle section conjures up images of swirling flakes, like being inside a snow globe.
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A crisp and ice like sound with quaver motion in the higher registers.
In contrast the left hand has some deep and dark low notes to add to the chilly mood.
In the key of E minor and 12/8 time, this lyrical piece is suitable for early intermediate players.
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Gentle broken chords frame this lyrical piece at the start and end. The middle section with its low bass notes and then crossed hands is challenging but rewarding to play.
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Dappled Shade
Dappled Shade is that unique place that is ever changing, depending on the suns rays, the leaf cover and the breeze. Shadows and light dance around, never staying the same for long.
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Summer Rain
A lyrical and somewhat dark piece creating scenes of rainfall and distant thunder.
In the key of D minor and using compound time of 12/8.
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Autumn Breeze
With some hints of a more classical style (think Chopin) this gentle waltz in G minor stirs up some sadness at the falling of leaves in autumn.
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English Rose
Inspired by “To a Wild Rose” by E. MacDowell.
This version begins in the key of G major but does a neat modulation to the original A major in the middle.
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Dancing Daisies
A happy sounding piece despite being in the key of A minor. Lots of rippling quaver movement to depict the dancing nature of this piece.
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Morning Mist
Inspired by “Morning Mood” by E. Grieg.
In G flat major, this piece may appear frightening but it falls beautifully under the hands on the black keys.
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A happy piece in C major. Imagine Bluebells dancing in the meadows. This lyrical piece is one of the easiest in the collection.
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Trio Of Tangos

Late beginner level (UK Grade 1/2)

Twisted Tango

Twisted Tango make exciting use of the chromatic scale, and also has some lovely phrase endings with a CHA CHA CHA!

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Twilight Tango

Twilight Tango is the middle piece of the set. Sitting between two high energy pieces, this laid back mellow tango is quite romantic in character.
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Tropical Tango

The final piece in the set is a high energy piece with a classic Tango bass line.
This piece calls for neat and tidy finger work to keep it ‘Perky as a pineapple!”
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Late beginner level (UK Grade 1/2)
Little Rainbows
A shorter and easier version of Rainbows.
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