Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

I have some daytime availability which is ideal for adults who are retired, self employed or shift workers, who can make time in the day for lessons.

My experience has shown that adult learners often progress quicker than other age groups, which people find surprising. It doesn’t surprise me though as these are people who are most passionate about learning and diligent with practice. Many of my retired students play for over an hour a day and make impressive progress. It’s never too late. I have many students in their 50’s 60’s and 70’s. I even had a beginner start at 84 years old!

Contact me by phone on 07747 010201 or email liz@cherrymusic.co.uk to discuss how I can help you start your musical journey.

I am always guided by every student as an individual, tailoring the lesson to reach that students goals. It may be to play classical, jazz, or contemporary music. It may be to achieve exam success (I have a 100% pass rate). Whatever your goal, I can help you to make it a reality.

Lessons are of various lengths to suit the individual.
Most children and teenagers have 30 minute lessons but the higher grades and adults often opt for 45 minutes or one hour lessons.

*Please note: unfortunately I do not have any availability to take on students after school hours.*